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Implementation Support

Implementation Support

Recognizing the fact that in-house staff will be busy in day-to-day operations and may not have enough time or perhaps the skill set to perform these steps, we offer this service to our clients to ensure the success of the energy efficiency projects.

With energy saving projects identified and an action plan prepared, we help you to implement the projects on a pilot basis before moving on for a full-scale rollout – or we help you go immediately with the full-scale rollout. You have the flexibility of using your internal resources to manage and execute the project or let our experts manage the entire process for you. Failures at this critical juncture can undermine the efficacy of your entire Energy Management Program, which is why most of our clients have engaged our services through this step.

Through this service, our clients get precise energy savings and implementation cost estimates to develop a strong business case for financial approvals. It also facilitates achieving the best possible cost by evaluating multiple vendors for the same retrofit project and provides a solid measured and verified savings report when the project is complete and in service.

RFP Management

It is also often necessary to prepare detailed specifications and develop an RFP to obtain the best possible pricing without any compromise on quality and effectiveness of the proposed retrofit. We develop the appropriate specifications for any equipment or service that is identified in our analysis and carry this through to the preparation of any required RFP documents. We invite competitive quotes, evaluate quotes for accuracy and product integrity to ensure optimal selection for your unique needs.


There are many utility incentives available for undertaking energy efficiency initiatives. We know when and how to apply. Our expertise and experience ensures you access all these subsidies to which you are entitled. Our experts manage the complicated incentive application process for you to ensure that you get maximum available incentives for your energy related projects. We work diligently with utilities and other agencies on your behalf until you receive the incentive dollars in your account.

Project Management

The implementation of your Energy Management Program will typically not be successful without some external expertise and experience. Our team includes those with project management skills and hands-on experience – and these resources are dedicated to this implementation phase. This support frequently involves interaction with your own technical staff and can also reach out to work with your preferred suppliers. And finally, this support will facilitate the development of methodology, standards and procedures that can be used throughout your organization.