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Energy Awareness Program

Energy Awareness

Employee support is key to a successful energy management program. Increasing awareness about ongoing energy waste and ways to control it often result in one of the best paybacks of any energy cost reduction strategy.

Our energy awareness program focuses on raising awareness by educating all stakeholders. Our experts manage the program to ensure that all the employees are engaged and motivated through sustained delivery of specifically designed material at regular intervals.

Once employees understand and become fully aware of the benefits of energy efficiency they become an important tool in helping you achieve your energy management goals. Everyone in your organization will benefit once they realize how everyday actions can reduce energy waste, decrease operating costs and increase competitiveness.

Star Energy’s energy awareness program revolves around developing a sustainable program, including identifying key strategies for the program, communication and content development, performing training and organizing various events and reporting and analysis of results - including tangible and intangible gains.

We acknowledge the fact that motivating and inspiring behavioral change takes more than a passive campaign through emails and posters. Our program is customized to address those deeper issues and targets the behavioral routines of your employees to convert them from passive and unconscious to proactive actions. Star Energy’s primary focus is to develop a customized program that complements your company’s corporate energy and sustainability management program. Our program has the following major three steps:

Delivery Team:

First, and a key step, is to identify internal champions and assemble a team that can reach out to the employees as one of their own. Very often programs delivered internally have much greater rates of acceptance as compared to those perceived to be imposed from an outside agency.

Planning and Implementation:

A walkthrough audit and survey is conducted to understand your company’s existing operations, culture and opportunities. Based upon observations a customized program is developed and implemented. A thorough measurement and verification process is employed to collect information about any changes to help fine-tune the program on an ongoing basis.

Monitor and Target:

Key to sustainable savings is to monitor the savings regularly and target any drop before it accumulate and makes any significant impact. Through our rigorous reporting, we help our clients to ensure that the program maintains its effectiveness and savings are sustained.