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Energy Management Plan

Energy Assessment

Star Energy’s approach to your Energy Efficiency covers all the aspects of a comprehensive energy management plan. Our approach involves following three major steps: 

1. Opportunity Identification

It starts with the analysis of energy consumption data and includes an energy survey of selected facilities. Next is benchmarking the energy consumption against industry standards and peers which provides you with a perspective of energy saving potential. We identify all the energy saving opportunities that satisfy your financial approval criteria or conform to the long-term sustainability goals of your organization. We also identify possible incentives that are available from energy utilities to reduce both the initial audit costs and any ultimate capital requirements for energy savings initiatives. The final piece in this step is the creation of The Action Plan.

Our services offered include -

  • Energy Assessments
  • Incentive Management 

2. Implementation

With energy saving projects identified and the action plan prepared, we help you to implement the projects on a pilot basis before moving on for a full-scale rollout. You have the flexibility of using your internal resources to manage and execute the project or let our experts manage the entire process for you

Our services offered include -

  • Project Financing
  • Incentive Management
  • Implementation Support
  • System Design Advisory
  • Energy Awareness Program Design
  • Enhanced Re-commissioning

3. Measurement & Verification

M&V is the single most critical part in achieving long-term success in your Energy Management Program. Our certified M&V professionals will help you to develop a plan to measure and verify savings from each initiative. These M&V plans are developed in accordance with international protocols (IPMVP) and are considered as the best evidence of the actual energy savings. A detailed financial analysis of capital costs and savings is performed after completion of the first follow-up M&V process to present a complete picture of energy saving potential of different measures and locations.

Our services offered include -

  • Measurement & Verification
  • Monitoring & Tracking