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Incentive Management

Incentive Management

Incentives are vital subsidies to your energy efficient retrofit investment decision. You need to know when they are available in a constantly changing environment. That is our job. Not only to know what is currently available, or will be shortly, but even more importantly - how to secure these funds with minimal intrusion into your valuable time. This is our area of expertise.

Major incentives are available to perform energy assessments, audits, energy modeling and detailed feasibility studies. To encourage customers, further incentives are available to reduce equipment capital costs and help customers in implementing the recommended projects. Although all utilities try to simplify the incentive application process, it is still complicated and requires a significant time investment from the customer.

Further, there are several options through which to apply for the same retrofit incentives (generally referred to as prescriptive, engineered or custom) and depending upon the level of information provided, the incentive amounts delivered through a custom application can be as much as 300% of the amount from the prescriptive approach. Most of the incentive programs are time sensitive and are awarded on first come first serve basis. They also require adherence to a strict sequence of action steps.

Our incentive management service takes care of all of these complications and makes this process smooth and almost invisible for our client. Our team of experts reviews the retrofit and prepares an application to secure maximum incentive amount. We also prepare detailed reports on energy savings, provide all the calculations and co-ordinate with the utilities and third party evaluators during the process to ensure that the utilities receive all the required information in a timely fashion and incentives can be awarded as soon as possible.

For incentive calculations, we need information related to the energy retrofit (cost, capacity, quantity, name plate details, operating hours etc.) and ensure that the work starts only when we provide you clearance from the utilities.

Utilities and agencies put stringent conditions in place to ensure that companies cannot proceed with retrofit projects before compliance with the utility requirements for review and conditional “pre-approval” vetting. Our experience and network positions us to facilitate timely filings to ensure that your project is completed on time. Since many of these incentives require pre-approval from the utilities, we strongly advise our clients to contact us before initiating any major purchase related to mechanical and electrical systems.

The province of Ontario has one of the best energy incentive programs in North America. Ontario’s saveONenergy program provides four streams to help you identify opportunities within your operations for energy efficiency savings, the ”Energy Efficiency Retrofit”, the “Process & Systems Upgrade”, the “High Performance New Construction” and the “Existing Building Commissioning” streams. All these incentive streams consist of two components – Opportunity Identification and Capital Investment.

Opportunity Identification

Incentive programs offer generous incentives to commission energy audits and identify energy conservation opportunities at your facility. Depending on the applicable incentive programs, you are eligible to receive up to 100% of the energy audit cost.

Capital Investment

Utilities offer substantive incentives to support your capital investment decisions identified in the commissioned energy audits. Subject to the applicable incentive program and energy savings potential, your facility may qualify for incentives of up to 70% of the project implementation costs.