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Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the single most critical part in long-term success of any energy management initiative. These M&V plans are developed in accordance with international protocols (IPMVP) and are considered as the best evidence of the actual energy savings. These measured results are then examined in the context of the original action plan and revisions and new performance goals can be set. This step will accelerate the deployment of energy efficient assets. One of the following four measurement and verification options could be used to establish the true savings from the retrofit:

  1. Stipulation Measured Factors
  2. Measured Factors
  3. Utility Billing Data Analysis
  4. Calibrated Computer Simulation

The most appropriate measurement and verification option is determined by the degree to which the retrofit can be isolated from other facility components and the extent to which the performance variables can be measured.

For the Stipulation/Measured Factors option, the factors that do not get measured are stipulated as energy savings from the retrofit, while for the Measured Factors option, all the factors are measured to establish the savings. For the Utility Billing Data Analysis option, the billing data before and after the retrofit is used to determine the energy savings. In some cases, such as new building construction, the full simulation/energy modelling option is used to determine measurement and verification of energy savings.

A well-defined and implemented M&V plan is essential to any energy management action plan. It is the process of using measurement to reliably determine actual savings generated by the energy management plan, and is critical to the efficacy of any energy management plan. A detailed M&V plan defines the baseline and normalizes the energy consumption fluctuations due to weather and other significant variables to determine actual energy savings. Verified savings instill confidence in management and motivate the staff to undertake more projects and help sustain the savings achieved through this process.