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Design Advisory

Design Advisory

Rapid advancements in the fields of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting require careful selection of the right technology and product for future energy consumption of a facility. A major renovation of existing store or construction of a new facility provides us with the opportunity to review product selection and refrigeration and HVAC design to ensure that they not only provide the best conditions but also are easier to maintain and cheaper to operate. For example, a display case or refrigeration system may be 20% cheaper to buy, but over its useful life it may cost 5 to 10 times more in operating cost due to energy inefficiencies.

Through our design advisory service, we perform various analyses including energy modeling and provide technical support for our clients. This service also includes detailed technical and energy analysis of proposed refrigeration, HVAC and lighting systems. We recommend potential opportunities for energy savings before the equipment is purchased. We also back up our recommendations with complete financial analysis, including life cycle cost benefit analysis.

Energy modeling requires details of the proposed system, civil and architectural layouts, mechanical and electrical drawings and proposed costs of the equipment. Where the system is not designed, we can develop refrigeration schedules and select various display cases, lighting and HVAC system that will provide the best operating efficiency for the facility.

Since this is the single most important stage that impacts long-term energy consumption of the store, utilities provide significant incentives for their customers to undertake design-related changes through detailed analysis.

Design advisory is an excellent tool to assess energy performance of the proposed system and take necessary actions to reduce the long term operating costs of the system at a minimum incremental cost.