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Commodities Management

Strategic Energy Sourcing

Price risk underlies your entire strategic energy sourcing process. For you, the volatility of energy prices can be one of the biggest risks facing your business and its profitability. We understand this and our experience and expertise positions us to manage this risk profile for you. We have learned to take the time to understand your objectives and to recognize the level of involvement that you desire. Our process involves the following steps:

  • Understand your corporate objectives,
  • Determine your risk tolerance,
  • Develop a customized approach to a procurement hedging strategy, and
  • Review and repeat.

Risk Management

It might be useful to start out with what we view to be a pragmatic definition of risk management that threaten your strategic business and financial goals.

  • Identifying risks,
  • Evaluating risks, and
  • Mitigating risks

The risks that we have identified, evaluated and mitigated, while being completely independent in the marketplace in this regard, include:

  • Price,
  • Product,
  • Profile,
  • Time
  • Contract, and
  • Supplier.

As we have experienced it, the prime factors driving risk in the energy management process would include:

  • Continuous upward price pressures,
  • Increased volatility in the various marketplaces,
  • Increased reliance on on-site renewable energy generation,
  • Increased regulatory and technological complexity, and
  • Encroaching reputational risk.

All of these risk management factors are driving strategic energy sourcing onto the top level of priorities for business executive management teams. And we are here to help you in this process. Our highly effective, non-speculative approach will help you both avoid risks – and perhaps even take advantage of volatility in the marketplace.