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Reducing Energy Consumption for Warehouses


Recent studies have given us a good context within which to examine energy efficiency opportunities within the warehouse population. With over 650,000 of these in North America, these buildings consume some 8% of total energy consumption for all commercial buildings (while constituting some 16% by space). In general, the average costs for energy in these warehouses is $0.70/sq ft, split 50/50 electricity and natural gas. Further refinements in these studies suggest that the energy costs for non-refrigerated warehouses can exceed 10% of revenues.

The largest components of this energy are lighting and HVAC, consuming over 60% of the electricity cost. It has been suggested that energy savings of 40-70% of combined electricity, gas, operating and maintenance are realistic targets.

Star Energy is dedicated to helping warehouse owners increase productivity and profits while reducing their energy consumption. Our comprehensive energy audits examine all aspects of a warehouse’s energy consumption. We examine utility bills, inspect HVAC equipment, review maintenance procedures and systems, and analyze building envelopes to accurately gauge your overall energy consumption and measure the environmental impact of your operation.

Armed with this information, we work with warehouse owners to develop clear-cut, actionable energy and maintenance strategies. We not only identify various energy conservation measures but also provide owners with tools such as project financing, implementation management, and incentive management to assist them in implementing various identified energy conservation opportunities.

Solutions for increasing the energy efficiency of your operation include utilizing new technologies; replacing outdated and oversized equipment with properly-sized, high efficiency models; utilizing alternative fuel sources and developing no-cost and low-cost strategies to reduce the amount of energy you use, lower your carbon footprint and boost profits.

It can't be overstated that increasing the energy efficiency of you operation is the most effective way to reduce your overall operating costs. Retrofitting older equipment with new, energy- saving technologies is a cost-effective way to save money. Examples of areas in which we have seen substantial energy savings include lighting, HVAC and roofing. In addition to providing sustainable and practical solutions for increasing energy efficiency, Star Energy also provides training and tools for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of energy use, which alone can reduce your overall energy costs by up to 15 percent.