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The estimated 60,000 hotels and motels across North America spend an average of $2,500 per room on energy costs each year. Energy bills account for 6 percent of the operating costs of hotels and motels, and with the rising cost of energy, utilities have a considerable impact on the bottom line.

Between 2004 and 2006, utility costs for lodging operations increased an average of 12 percent a year. As our global energy resources dwindle and environmental concerns escalate, the cost of traditional fuels is expected to continue to rise. Increasing the energy efficiency of your operation is essential for protecting profits, reducing its environmental impact and conserving natural resources.

Monitoring and managing energy use in hotels is a difficult and complicated undertaking due to the variety of energy uses and the vast number of activities that take place within the building, from kitchens and laundry facilities to swimming pools, game rooms and retail outlets, not to mention the rooms themselves. Star Energy has the experience, skill and expertise to conduct a thorough and comprehensive energy audit that takes into account all aspects of energy use in your hotel, from HVAC and distribution systems, lighting and water heating to the building envelope itself.

The information we compile through inspections, data from utility bills and evaluation of all of the systems that impact your energy consumption is used to develop a list of opportunities for energy efficient improvements that will considerably reduce your energy costs and increase your bottom line.

Improvements typically include the implementation of high efficiency retrofits for existing HVAC and laundry equipment, the utilization of alternative fuel sources, lighting improvements and a comprehensive energy management plan to monitor and evaluate energy use.

But perhaps the biggest savings result from implementing new technologies to control energy costs. As concern for the environment escalates and global resources dwindle, technological advances are increasing exponentially, and utilizing them is one of the most effective ways to lower your energy costs. For example, heat recovery systems can reduce water-heating costs by up to 60 percent, while replacing inefficient lighting with high efficiency bulbs and installing occupancy sensors and scheduling systems can lower lighting costs by well over 50 percent.

Education is a large part of our role in helping you manage your hotel's energy costs. Conserving energy is a cooperative effort, requiring the participation of hotel management, staff and guests alike. Training in best practices for energy use will help ensure the success of conservation efforts and help sustain your hotel's efficiency for the long term.