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Conserving Energy for Municipalities


Municipal energy bills typically account for between two and five percent of a city's annual budget, and as the cost of energy rises, this percentage will increase significantly. A comprehensive energy plan and conservation program can reduce a municipality's energy bills by 10 to 40 percent, and compared to the long-term savings, the cost for designing and implementing such a program is minimal.

But there's more to energy conservation than simply slashing utility bills to increase the bottom line. Concern over global warming and other environmental issues have increased exponentially over the years, and the public and private sectors alike are paying more attention to their carbon footprint than ever before in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas and toxic particulate emissions. The environmental impact of a municipality on water quality, habitats, species survival and a host of other issues can be considerably reduced with the right action and maintenance plans to lower energy consumption and increase sustainability.

Star Energy Solutions helps municipalities promote the economic and environmental health of their communities and lessen their impact on global resources through the development and implementation of comprehensive energy management strategies that are sustainable for the long-term. In helping develop new energy policies, we consider the visions and priorities of the municipality to help establish a set of realistic, actionable goals.

Through a comprehensive auditing process, we look at the municipality's energy consumption, utility costs and carbon emissions to develop a list of opportunities for conservation. We then oversee the implementation of new technologies and renewable energies that align with the environmental and economic goals of the municipality.

Some examples of practical and sustainable energy solutions include the use of alternative fuels, such as replacing fleets with hybrid vehicles, training operations and maintenance staff in best practices for conservation and converting traffic lights and municipal exit signs to LEDs, which alone can cut the energy consumption of these lights by up to 90 percent.

Star Energy Solutions has a proven track record in helping communities meet their economic and environmental goals. We can help you reduce your impact on natural resources and improve your bottom line, putting you in an ideal and sustainable position for growth and prosperity far into the future.