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Improving Energy Usage for Universities


Universities and colleges spend an average of 18 cents per square foot on natural gas and $1.10 per square foot on electricity every year. Lighting accounts for about 31 percent of the annual utility bill, while heating and cooling account for about 28 percent. Heating water is the third largest expense, comprising about 25 percent of a university's yearly utility payments. Reducing utility bills through sound energy management is a major priority for most universities.

Energy management is particularly challenging for universities due to the large number of buildings, including dormitories, which have different energy requirements and different ways of consuming energy. And while managing the energy use in so many buildings is difficult, staying within the often-tight facility budget is even harder, requiring the awareness and cooperation of thousands of faculty, staff and students.

Finding ways to conserve energy and lower utility bills on campus is an enormous undertaking, but it's one that nearly every university strives to take on, both for the sake of economics and the environment. Many universities have a clear and effective energy policy that reflects the progressive environmental, political and social philosophies that drive them. Reducing greenhouse gases, conserving global natural resources, conducting research and educating the public about energy issues are often equally as important as the economic factors that contribute to the need for energy management on campus.

Star Energy can help universities realize extensive annual savings on energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by conducting a comprehensive audit of the school's overall energy costs, the way different buildings and departments use energy, and evaluating the efficiency of the systems within each building. We use the information gained from the audit to develop actionable goals and find realistic, sustainable opportunities for conservation.

Drawing on new technologies, alternative fuel sources and central monitoring programs, we offer and implement campus-wide solutions that are sustainable for the long term to ensure continued efficiency and effective energy management well into the future.

Star Energy is experienced in bringing even the oldest university campuses up-to-date to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. From the simple--such as replacing T-12 fluorescent lamps with T-8 lamps to shave 35 percent off lighting consumption and installing heat recovery equipment in dorm showers to reduce water heating costs by up to 60 percent--to the sublime, like utilizing wind and solar power, we develop and implement solutions that will considerably increase energy efficiency to lower utility bills and protect global resources.