Star Energy Solutions Star Energy Solutions
  • Refrigeration Re-Design Helps Grocery Store Save
  • Energy Management Plan for Municipalities
  • Tracking Data Helps Egg Producer Save
  • Energy Savings for Senior Housing
  • Energy Solutions for Retail Stores
  • Cutting Energy Costs for Supermarkets
  • Helping Egg-Producers Save Energy
  • Saving Money for Egg-Producers
  • Energy Management for Long-Term Facilities
  • Energy Management Plan for Long Term Housing
  • Energy Management Plans for Supermarkets
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  • Energy Efficiency for Retail Spaces
  • Municipality Saves on Energy Costs

Why us?

Star Energy is an energy management consulting firm providing end-to-end energy management solutions. By blending in decades of experience, specialized knowledge in core competencies with a holistic and innovative perspective, our Sustainable Energy Solutions have been carefully designed to adapt to your own internal level of knowledge and skills. They can be accessed simply as a response to your toughest energy management questions or can be utilized to outsource all of your energy and emissions management needs. Before you have to make any significant investment decisions, we will have provided you with both a solid business case and suggestions on attractive financing alternatives that may be appropriate for you.


Our Capabilities

Energy Efficiency Services from Star Energy

This is where we typically see the biggest cost savings for you – changing how you use energy. This takes on an urgent priority given the typical upward pressure on electricity prices. Learn More

Alternative Solutions from StarEnergy

You can improve your energy security and decrease your operational costs by using alternative energy technologies, such as fuel cells co-gen systems, solar panels, batteries etc. Learn More

Risk Mitigation Services from StarEnergy

Capturing energy consumption data is the key to your successful deployment of Sustainable Energy Solutions.  This forms the basis upon which everything else is driven. Learn More


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