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ECRp® is, in essence, the delivery vehicle through which Star Energy matches your financial constraints with our prioritized energy conservation reduction recommendations. It is a comprehensive program that contemplates the full length and breadth of energy management, from performing energy audits/assessment through to monitoring and tracking of savings to ensure that the savings are sustained over the lifetime of implemented measures.

ECRp® has been developed from our years of working with 100’s of facilities across various geographical regions and of various formats/profiles. This program is designed for quick deployment so that the energy cost reductions can be delivered in minimal time. This program’s approach is based on the 80-20 rule and attempts to deliver strong financial returns to justify a roll-out to the entire portfolio.

ECRp® is a program that can deliver the savings as per your objectives and availability of capital for investment into the program. This program is modular in nature and can be highly customizable and scalable to suit any specific financial criteria or energy savings targets. A typical IRR for our ECRp® is in the range of 25-35% which makes ECRp® a very attractive proposition.

energy conservation reduction

In this program, we perform a thorough analysis of the energy usage by major mechanical and electrical systems of the facility and prepare a set of energy conservation measures that meet the energy savings targets and/or required internal rate of return on your capital availability.

Typically Star Energy’s team would deliver this program on a turnkey basis to you. This ensures a timely delivery of the key parameters of the program as well as a single point of contact throughout the duration of the program. This also reduces loading on your internal resources.

We would encourage your maintenance/ energy teams to be a part of this process to understand the effectiveness of various energy conservation measures that are implemented in the facilities.

As a part of this program, we install a permanent monitoring and tracking system for electricity consumption. One year’s monitoring and tracking is included, and energy consumption trends are monitored to ensure that the savings are sustained.

Star Energy’s approach to customize and implement the ECRp® program is very simple and has three phases. This approach is designed to keep you informed and involved in every phase so that you are continuing to engage at the peak efficiency level.

energy conservation reduction program

This is the first step of the of the program. Our team collects all the energy consumption data and other critical parameters. We also perform a site walkthrough.

Data collection is followed by a benchmarking exercise to assess where you stand as compared to your peers. Our program is customized at this stage to include selected energy conservation measures meeting your financial criteria as discussed at the start.

After reviewing the discovery stage findings, a set of energy cost reduction measures as identified are implemented by Star Energy. Savings are measured and verified through the collection of real time actual data through data acquisition devices. Annual savings are projected on a weather normalized baseline. Star Energy’s team also works to assess the available incentives from utilities to reduce the capital cost of the program.

Monitoring and Tracking:
Once the program is implemented and desired energy savings are verified, we continue to monitor the energy consumption through energy monitoring and tracking devices and ensure that the energy savings are as per budget and are sustained over a period.

“Our approach is systematic, proven and flexible to adopt to our client’s requirements and implementation budgets”


How financially customizable is ECRp®?

At the end of the Discovery Phase, Star Energy provides you with various energy conservation measures along with the potential cost reduction for each measure. Star Energy proposes to implement these measures at various levels to ensure that your financial criteria have been met. Based on the financial criteria considered by you for project approval, a level can be picked up to initiate the program. The below chart explains this.


For example, if you have an energy program budget of $110,000 your savings will be between $30,000 and $40,000 per year and your simple payback will be between 2.5 and 3 years (close to 3 years).

The ECRp® cost to you is all inclusive and is net of incentives. Incentives are typically delivered 6-8 weeks after the submission of post retrofit documentation for the implemented measures. Cost to process the incentives is covered under the ECRp® program.

Note : This graph represents a typical supermarket. Actual results will be customised for a specific location or a group/portfolio of the facilities. Actual results may differ from this graph subject to actual store size, age, type of systems, operating hours and other parameters.

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