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Most new construction projects follow a stringent timeline for the opening of the facility which shifts the focus of participating vendors/service providers to a quick start-up of the equipment rather than ensuring that they are operating efficiently from an energy consumption perspective. This creates a facility that starts "leaking" energy right from day one. These energy inefficiencies go largely unnoticed until the facility performs a comprehensive energy audit or re-commissioning. Typically, the cost of retrofitting or attending to the inefficiencies at a later stage is much higher.

Star Energy, acting as your commissioning agent, can help in establishing the correct specifications and performance standards right from the start of your project.

When engaged at the design stage, our team participates in the design and development process, interacts with the design engineering team, reviews the specifications and establishes a performance standard for each piece of energy-consuming equipment. We also perform functional testing to ensure that the equipment is performing as per design standards and is optimized for energy consumption. At the handover stage, we document all the results and prepare a comprehensive package to help you in addressing any warranty issues that may arise during normal operation.

Our experience in delivering excellent results through commissioning of new stores/ facilities has resulted in an extremely attractive IRR for this service, typically in the range of 70-100%. When you consider the impact that this commissioning can have on maintenance costs, simple payback from this service is typically reduced to less than one year.


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