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Star Energy Solutions

Mission Statement

To provide a permanent and sustainable energy cost reduction solution with the best return on investment for our clients

Star Energy consultancy solutions

Star Energy is a consultancy and solution provider with a core competency in energy-efficiency. This competency has been developed over decades working both directly with clients and as a specialized subcontractor with leading consulting firms like HRC Advisory and PWC, throughout Canada, the US and Mexico.

Established in 2011, Star Energy is focused on helping companies in our core service sectors of retail, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, food processing, cold storage and community care facilities for the elderly.

Our solutions are designed to meet your financial approval criteria, be it a simple payback or a more rigorous set of IRR and NPV metrics. Our holistic approach, which comes from our experience in designing, implementing and maintaining complex refrigeration, HVAC and control systems, will help you to receive a solution that is compatible with your immediate as well as long term requirements.

Star Energy is nimble and can customize solutions to suit your needs. It has been our experience that large clients who want to implement our recommended solutions use our services to identify the areas of improvement and manage the implementation efforts of their service providers. Similarly, smaller clients ask for a turnkey implementation to save time and effort given their lack of internal resources. We are ready to respond to your needs, whatever the size of your organization.


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