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Project Management and Program Delivery

Recognizing the fact that your in-house staff will be busy in day-to-day operations and may not have enough time, or perhaps the skill set, to oversee the implementation and management of energy retrofit projects, we offer this service to ensure the success of these projects. You have this choice and a failure at this critical juncture can affect the efficacy of the energy retrofit project program, which is why most of our clients prefer to engage Star Energy services throughout the implementation stage.

The implementation of your energy retrofit project program will typically not be successful without some external expertise and experience. Our team includes those subject matter experts with project management skills and hands-on experience – and these resources are dedicated to your projects. This service typically involves interactions with your own technical staff, evaluations of multiple vendors to ensure the best technologies and pricingand working with your preferred suppliers and service providers.

Major activities performed through this service include but are not limited to the following:

  • Leveraging available internal resources for accessing required information typically spread across various departments/ working groups
  • Using our exclusive database of vendor and service level agreements to secure best price and service standards for the project
  • Addressing any technical issues during the implementation for specific locations/ situations and providing an alternate solution
  • Ensuring that the job is completed on time and as per the specified scope of work, and
  • Preparing a proper set of documentation that will serve as a reference for future projects/ new developments

Most importantly, this service will ensure a smooth and successful program delivery, while achieving the promised energy and costs savings within the desired financial metrics.


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