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Measurement and Verification

The majority of energy cost reduction measures identified during energy audits/assessments fail to be implemented / rolled out to the rest of the portfolio due to a lack of confidence in the savings and in the implementation cost projected at the start of the project. A well-defined Measurement and Verification (M&V) process positively proves the savings in the real-world scenario and strengthens the business case for a larger rollout of proven energy cost reduction measures. M&V is a critical part in the long-term success of any energy management initiative. It is the process of reliably quantifying the energy savings from the implementation of energy projects, in accordance with the international performance measurement and verification protocol (IPMVP). A detailed M&V plan defines the baseline and normalizes the energy consumption fluctuations due to weather and other significant variables to determine actual energy savings. Our M&V service also conforms to the requirements of various energy incentive programs to secure maximum incentives for your projects.

Our M&V service include effective M&V plan preparation, energy meter installations, energy meter data collection, data analysis to identify accurate energy savings and cost reductions and the preparation of appropriate M&V reports.


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