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Restaurants use up to seven times more energy per square foot of space than any other commercial operation. Utility bills account for nearly 5% of a restaurant's operating costs, and as energy prices increase, sustainable energy conservation is essential for increasing the bottom line and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A sound energy management program and practical energy conservation efforts can considerably increase profits while lowering your carbon footprint. Reducing energy consumption by just 20% means an additional profit of 1%, and a realistic and comprehensive energy management policy can increase profits to well over the 1% mark. And $1 in saved energy costs equates to a top line revenue of in excess of $5.

Star Energy is highly experienced in helping restaurants lower their energy bills through practical and sustainable improvements in energy efficiency. Our comprehensive energy audit provides us with information about your energy consumption and environmental impact that we use to develop energy cost reduction opportunities. Our exclusive ECRp® program systematically identifies energy cost reduction opportunities that fit your financial criteria, typically delivering an IRR of over 30%.

Cooking, water heating, refrigeration and lighting represent about 80% of the energy used in a restaurant, while the building envelope impacts the overall efficiency of your operation. Our audit includes a thorough inspection of kitchen equipment, HVAC and distribution systems and lighting, as well as the evaluation of utility bills and the efficiency of the building itself. Following the audit, we provide a list of improvements that will lower your energy consumption, drawing on new technologies, high-efficiency equipment and no-cost and low-cost solutions for increasing energy efficiency.

A comprehensive energy management plan that includes ongoing monitoring and tracking ensures continued efficiency and savings for the long term. Equally important is making energy conservation a team effort. We help educate staff and management teams in best practices for conservation to ensure that the improvements you make are sustainable well into the future.

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