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About Us

We are energy management consultants. We know how to help you manage your consumption of energy – an increasingly expensive and volatile commodity consumed in your business. We have the experience and expertise to be good at this.

We bring together decades of experience in managing energy. We know how to manage the risks of procuring energy for your business and harvest the power of energy efficiency – the greatest untapped source of energy in North America. We know how to lead you into the new world of alternative energy.

We often find energy management opportunities even after other advisory firms have finished their work. You can look to our track record as an excellent testimonial to our core competencies.

Through the combination of the various skill sets of our professional staff we have the ability to look at energy management through a new perspective - Always blending our engineering and financial core competencies.

While based in Toronto, our capabilities have been honed throughout North America. Lessons learned in the US, Canada and Mexico have helped to shape our approach to your specific energy management challenge.

We approach all of our assignments with a completely holistic perspective that reflects our experience. This is possible because we remain completely independent in our role – we do not render our recommendations with any product bias.

All of our assignments begin, and end, with the acute awareness that your time is one of your most precious assets. Our processes are geared to be as un-intrusive as we can make them. Our experience drives this thinking.

We have a track record of delivering the maximum financial incentives that can be drawn to any energy management investment decision, including utility rebate programs and tax breaks. We go on to ensure that any investment decision is presented in a solid business case format, including capturing all the necessary financial metrics.